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The Nature & Scale of Change in Learning Consciousness from Prescriptive Learning to Self-Directed Learning


the savvy learner

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This article defines the cultural nature and scale of change in learning consciousness that has to take place when the organizationally based adult learner makes the transition from formal prescriptive learning practice to self-owned self-directed learning. It articulates some of the learning-to-learn process models that introduce, accelerate, enhance and facilitate the adult person’s understanding of the evolutionary journey. It also provides practical guidelines in progressively shaping their endeavours to take effective ownership of their own managerial learning at work.

It draws on experience in delivering learning-to-learn programmes to suggest that the management learner in particular has to be increasingly aware and more discriminating in how they spend their time and learning energy if they are to arrive where they want to be and at the same time satisfy all the stakeholders investments in these process events. It illustrates, using a portfolio of learning-to-learn process management practice ideas how the individual and groups of learners can effectively and progressively begin to manage the quality of their experience in learning-to-learn.

The author advises that in the long term taking responsibility for learning-to-learn is not something that can be absolved by the learner manager; it has to become a self-determined series of personally managed events. Adult learners have to have a heightened state of alertness to the dynamics of gradualism in managing the new learning process itself – to become Savvy about the dynamics of the learning process and the key decision areas that will make a difference between learning satisfaction and success or failure in achieving their personal objectives.

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