Our Groundbreaking Programmes Available To G-ACUA Members

This workshop and consulting service is designed to help organizations in architecting and developing their corporate academy/university.

This extensive in-house event provides the opportunity to create a perfectly customized corporate university to meet the forward demands of your organization.

This programme provides participants with a thorough understanding of real-time corporate university management practices. Discover the capability to manage new innovative learning and knowledge across the organization.

This is a 5-week curriculum leading to specific actionable recommendations for the strategic management of important new learning projects.

In this programme you will learn how to apply corporate university disciplines for high return on investment success. This dynamic management programme enables local customization and corporate strategic integration for better, more efficient and effective connected performance.

The programme provides a 12-week dynamic curriculum to manage new learning and knowledge for competitive capability and capacity development.

Our Workshop Programmes are designed to help you to build, evolve and consolidate your bespoke Corporate University Solutions.  We can help you stay on course as you design and create.