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Your organization's learnings are a life-time journey
with many highs and it’s what you make of it that counts
Create Your Own Unique, Sustainable
& Adaptive Real-Time Solutions

The Complete Corporate University
Design & Development Blueprint

‘Giving your people a brighter future’

A Corporate University is a management tool designed to help organizations achieve their specific strategic goals.

It allows businesses to conduct confidential, focussed individual and organizational learning, within the setting and ethos of that business.

The Global Association Of Corporate Universities & Academies can help you design & create your own Corporate University.

Design & Create A Corporate University With G-ACUA

Increase Employee Engagement With Efficient In-House Learning

  • Managing in Real-Time
  • Optimize Real-Time Training delivery
  • Initiate & support change in your organization
  • Deliver targeted management training
  • Create your own organizational learning framework
  • Bring a common culture, loyalty, and belonging to a company
  • Retain employees
  • Promote key employees
  • Drive job growth
  • Remain competitive in today’s economy
create and design your corporate university with G-ACUA

How To Access Your Real-Time Solutions


G-ACUA Membership

Join the global community of G-ACUA corporate and individual members

G-ACUA Member

Meet the challenges of rapid change and the growing demands of business requiring new ideas and dynamic management responses. We welcome people who have the vision to meet dynamic challenges.

Learning Resources

Books and articles describing the concept and development of the corporate university

A comprehensive portfolio of books & full article series introduce you to the concept of corporate university & academy learning. Discover the enormous benefits of a successful implementation.

Book resources to guide you in the G-ACUA program
G-ACUA Corporate University Design Programmes Can Help Your Business Soar

Develop highly trained corporate university design & development experts with our advanced workshops & programmes:

Mastering Corporate University Design & Development

This workshop and our consulting services help organizations world-wide to develop the strategic skills to achieve outstanding return on investment & performance potential.

Real-Time Design in Work-based Learning & Development

Discover the capability to manage new innovative learning and knowledge across the organization.

Real Time Strategic Corporate University Management

Learn how to apply corporate university disciplines for high return on investment success.