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Process Management & Contextual Parameters For Successful High-Performance Lifelong Learning


design and management of an organizations lifelong learning curriculum

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This article summarises the process management practices and contextual parameters that are being applied in the successful design and management of high performance work based lifelong learning processes.


Innovations in lifelong learning process design and development are restricted by traditional pedagogical thinking and administrative practices, an over emphasis on e-learning and insufficient consideration of the holistic contextual factors. Design solutions are dynamically based upon the idea of a timeless organic order or meta-planning

Research Limitations

This article is an outline summary of extensive lifelong learning process design best practice work with client organizations. As with many innovations taking place at the leading edge of work based learning management there is a limited supply of reliable published information.


Satisfying the important questions relating to the achievement of more substantial learning relevance in programme curriculum, the coherence of processes for validating non-formal and informal learning and the effective value of e-learning systems, are currently key areas of debate and policy making in Europe in particular. Where public and private sector companies are finding local global solutions these results are of considerable value in informing quality design and the way forward

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