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Leveraging Thinking & Executive Action in Development of the Intrinsic Value of Companies


hunting goodwill

by Richard Dealtry

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This article reflects upon some of the concepts and ideas that have been introduced to senior executives and management teams to leverage their thinking and executive action around the development of the intrinsic value of their companies. That’s the intangible stuff traditionally defined as ‘goodwill’, that investors are increasingly choosing to put their investments behind.

It describes an empirical process approach that bridges internal and external perspectives on the company ‘worth’ and company ‘market’ value relationship. Within this exploratory process it looks at a conceptual framework of ecosystem tool-sets that has been developed to assist and advise top management on the critical value relationship issues.

The management process involves the co-creation of a firm’s intellectual equity strategy with the objective of releasing latent best value in its goodwill.

The author uses the hunting metaphor and tool-set to capture the dynamic and exploratory nature of the value management process and to provide an imaginative context through which top management can elaborate their own intrinsic value-adding strategies.

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