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Enhancing Corporate University Performance During Adverse Periods


managing the corporate university watershed

by Richard Dealtry

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This article emphasises the need to achieve thought leadership and a proactive response in the evolution of the corporate university concept during times of business turbulence. It describes process innovations to enhance corporate university performance during those adverse periods in the corporate decision environment when the consequences of top management’s contemporary strategic thinking and aspirations are undermined by the reality of the market place and economic factors.

It describes the development of an organizational process model intervention as a stimulant for new thinking and action when scaling the corporate university learning curve in a turbulent decision environment. It describes the need to apply real-time methodologies and dynamic models by which means the benefits of the overarching integration role of the corporate university can be sustained in a very positive business orientated vision.

The outcome of the corporate university organizational development intervention brings many benefits. Including increasing levels of confidence by top management in it’s role and purpose both for the good times and the bad, through demonstrable assurances that the firm’s key strategic and organizational issues are being comprehensively identified and thoroughly managed.

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