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An Overview of the State of the Art in Corporate Learning Management


Managing the issue of learning relevance

by Richard Dealtry

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Previous articles in this series, on the evolution of the corporate university as a dynamic future state business development platform, have described processes and methodologies for achieving both organization and strategic learning re-orientation for success. Ref. 1 – Managing the Corporate University Learning Curve, in particular revealed the innovative nature and challenge facing corporate university executives in their quest to achieve customised structures, flexible learning processes and time durable intellectual properties in a new or amended company educational paradigm, defined as Model 3. This derivative model espoused business excellence, focused business education processes and timely executive action.

A key dynamic strand in the evolution of the corporate university concept in Model 3 was identified as the ‘management of learning’ strand.

This article takes an overview on the current state of the art in corporate learning management and the issue tensions that can arise in the preparation of a progressive and satisfying learning strategy.

It relates to the main issues surrounding the energising of learning in organizations, the consequences of corporate learning policy and an outline methodology for appraising the main determinants of corporate learning strategy.

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