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Ensuring a Viable Context for Unfolding the Aims & Objectives of Corporate University Best Practice


managing the corporate university learning curve

by Richard Dealtry

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This article reviews a Conference Process that was introduced to help Companies, Regional Development Organizations and Universities to evolve and share their perspectives on the active business led concept of the Corporate University.

The conference forms part of an evolving initiative launched by the Copenhagen Business School. The conference entitled Trends in Corporate Universities – September 2001 – had an agenda that contained state-of-the-art presentations about the theory and practice of the corporate university concept and also Company presentations about the progress they are making in evolving their particular corporate university applications.

The conference objective was aimed at raising the visibility of the potential of the corporate university and its capacity to renew and enhance organizational effectiveness and strategic development processes. From these observations and discussions, it was expected that delegates would be in an informed position to evolve a realistic and sustainable vision of the corporate university and fully grasp its vital contribution as an engine for change and business development.

This article focuses on a conference process model, the Corporate University Learning Curve concept, that was introduced by Intellectual Partnerships Consulting to ensure that a viable context for unfolding the aims and objectives of corporate university best practice were fully realized.

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