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Exploration & Understanding of Corporate University Potential


configuring the corporate university

by Richard Dealtry

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This article reflects upon the journey so far into the exploration and understanding of the potential of the corporate university concept as a real-time business development platform.

It challenges whether the many and diverse ‘schools of thinking’ that are shaping the intellectual architecture of corporate universities are innovating new processes of intellectual development, are in fact functionally constrained, simply window dressing of existing functions, or are engaged in retro-ego trips.

It identifies the main development connections between the corporate university concept and the developmental thinking domains of intellect, organization and business. It examines where blockages are taking place in its evolution and puts forward a thinking schools integrator process methodology as a basis for moving forward into a more complete articulation of the concept.

A constructivist methodology is summarised introducing the idea of well considered choice for the integration of diverse developmental ‘schools of thinking’ to determine a comprehensive ‘configuration school of thinking’. It suggests the first phase of an approach into how the emergent paradigm can be managed to unfold a bespoke corporate university architecture.

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