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Highlighting Strands to be Managed in Optimising Performance & Learning Return On Investment


global corporate priorities and demand led learning strategies

by Richard Dealtry

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The article takes a broad brush approach to a complex and large subject area that is influenced by many internal and external variables. It highlights two of the main strands to be managed in the dynamic process of seeking to optimise performance and return on investment in organizational based demand-led learning; learning that leads directly to decision making and resource allocation


There are many treatises on the subject of organization theory and practice and related platforms for change management. The condition of autopoesis, emphasising the dynamic of self production in shaping organization states, has featured prominently in these concepts and ideas of management. Indications are, however, that the demands and perturbations of the external environment are playing an increasing role in shaping organizations and the medium of learning is the catalyst by which means this trend is accelerating

Research limitations/implications

More empirical research into the effect of learning process innovations and behaviours on business performance and organizational capability development is required to put real foundation into what are being revealed about the benefits of learning in the workplace


Globalisation and Global competition is placing greater emphasis on: releasing talent at all levels, the need for innovations in the creation and fulfilment of learning opportunities and the effective and efficient management of the firms intellectual supply chain. The reactions at the learning supply-demand interface are changing and this article outlines perspectives that map the areas where relationships are changing as a basis for demand-led learning strategy formulation.

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