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Learning Accreditation & The Demand for Co-creative Quality Assurance


issues relating to learning accreditation

by Richard Dealtry

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This article considers the role of learning validation and accreditation systems in relation to the demand for more co-creative quality assurance solutions in corporate and organizational learning management. It explores the need to emphasise the organizational demand side in the management of quality new learning by applying a more holistic development perspective.

It looks at the subject of credit frameworks from the point of view of both providers and consumers of learning programmes and develops a more radical four-dimensional management perspective that extends the reach of considerations beyond the two dimensions of academic and professional practice.

It introduces a leadership inspired career based accreditation system that engages with the middle and upper tiers in organizational learning. It provides this as a basis for developing a methodology and a forward-thinking guideline for learning portfolio practice and quality assurance accreditation management in the organizational setting.

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