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Epochal Thinking About Future Strategic Directions in the Management of Organizational Learning


the corporate universitys role in managing an epoch

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Following the author’s earlier editorial theme concerning the need for exploration and innovation in organizational learning management, this article sets the scene for some radical epochal thinking about the approach and future strategic directions in the management of organizational learning.


The ideas for a more comprehensive and integrated thinking paradigm that have surfaced are driven from experience in reviewing current learning and knowledge management practice and related concept development within organizations. The solution perspectives are derived by taking a more holistic perspective on the total dynamics of organizational capability, enterprise management and the way in which different pathological conditions are resolved in many organizations.


The forces at work indicate that piecemeal and IT dominated practices around learning processes can produce a lack of coherence between learning investments and vision, strategic intent and need-to-learn needs of individuals in an organization. Solutions to these conditions are invariably subject, technique or single discipline driven without full consideration of the overall effect. It reveals that those professionals who manage learning have to be open to new ideas and to be equally receptive to new process learning in their professional practice.

Research limitations

This article is an outline summary of extensive strategic learning project work. There are limitations due to the shortage of published information about the nature of the current epoch in integrated performance management practice.


Some people who have a purist view of learning management may find these ideas and propositions iconoclastic whilst others will find that it provides a new gateway to out of the box thinking about the future challenges of organizational learning management at the strategic level.

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