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A Case Study of a Joint Venture Learning Partnership Between BAA plc & Surrey University


Engendering Corporate Scholarship

by Richard Dealtry

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This article is a real-time or live case study describing a joint venture learning partnership endeavour between BAA plc, a large public company with a market capitalisation of $10billion, and Surrey University. The primary purpose of this joint enterprise is to build a strategic relationship within which the company and the university can combine their resources to design and manage a series of in-company qualification based management development programmes as an essential part of the company’s learning organization strategy.

It outlines the organizational and policy issues that have influenced the shape and style of the management programmes and also illustrates the role of an electronic infrastructure in the resourcing and facilitation of tactical and strategic knowledge creation. Finally it makes a contribution to the development of the ‘virtuality’ concept in the concept of work-based managerial development in the corporate business environment.

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