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G-ACUA Workshop
An Introduction to Corporate University Thinking





Workshop Resources:

This workshop is delivered online by Professor Richard Dealtry, using the GoToWebinar system.

In advance of the event, participants will receive copies of 5 of Richard Dealtry's corporate university articles:

  • Case research into corporate university development

  • ECUANET - European corporate academies transnational best practice network

  • Establishing a methodology for appraising the strategic potential of the corporate university

  • How to configure the corporate university for success

  • The real time corporate university becomes a reality

Plus a corporate university application paper:

  • Leadership Roles and Helpers

On the day of the event, participants will receive presentation handouts plus their personal copy of:

  • The Corporate University Blueprint



The cost of this event is 245 (GBP) per person.


Workshop participants are also invited to take advantage of a no obligation free of charge consultation with Professor Richard Dealtry, author of the Corporate University Blueprint and Chairman of G-ACUA.





If you wish to find out more information about this event or discuss your specific requirements, please contact us:






This workshop offers a unique opportunity to develop demand-led real time corporate university management skills and best practices, bringing yourself up-to-speed with real-time corporate university thinking


The world of management is changing dramatically


This brings with it demands for innovations in Corporate University and Enterprise Academy business development processes, world class competitive knowledge management and higher level performance management career skills.


Start your new learning journey with this workshop using the Corporate University Blueprint to stay ahead in this new dynamic age of management.



A world-class learning opportunity


This half-day workshop introduces the full scope of the real time corporate university and its potential for application in both corporate and multi-point organisational capacity and capability building. Use the Corporate University Blueprint process to discover new ways to strategically optimise corporate learning portfolios; the Blueprint is yours to take away and reuse.


Receive professional recognition for attending this workshop with a

G-ACUA Certificate in Corporate University Thinking



What will you learn?


Use the Corporate University Blueprint to learn about the design and management of the real time corporate university concept and its best practices for successful fully-integrated business development.


You will discover how to explore the top management decision roles and responsibilities and develop the real-time corporate university management configuration skills for success.








Why should you use the Blueprint process?


Every good company recognises the growing importance of persistently renewing its special knowledge strands and the need to embed the disciplines of a real time corporate university to stay in business.


Getting this right first time using a highly professional proven process of design and development is essential. The Blueprint process enables highly responsive accelerated development, saving time and costs and achieving a quick payback and return on investments.


The typical agenda for this half-day event is:


Session One:

- Introduction to the event

- Building a corporate university

- Introduction to the business model and the Tree of Knowledge

- The Corporate University Blueprint process


Session Two:

- Break-out self-study session using G-ACUA materials

- Worked examples


Session Three:

- Review of self-study session

- Blueprint inputs

- Future plans and recommendations



We ask participants to each complete a short summary report, demonstrating what they have learned during the workshop. On completion of this short report, participants are then presented with their
G-ACUA Certificate in Corporate University Thinking


This workshop includes the Corporate University Blueprint in pdf format, preparation and materials.


The cost of the online version of this event is 145 (GBP) per person.





To register for this event, please download and complete the Registration Form


Please complete a separate form for each participant.


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