Many people ask me the question, ‘Who should be responsible for getting our corporate university activities started?’

In my experience that is the wrong starting point.

Initially, what they need is a clear understanding of what the company, and its subsidiaries, is trying to do. What is the ‘size’ of the opportunity or problem? And what is the time scale of importance; now or tomorrow or in the future?

The ‘size’ can vary greatly, from numerous small items to a major intervention. There may be a demand for innovative ideas, new knowledge, or a whole package of change dynamics. And a whole load of energy.

From years of ‘front of class’ experience, it is clear that each corporate university is a new variable entity, that has a different shape according to the company and SBU needs.

Change dynamics are in demand. And you cannot do everything at once. You need to prioritise and work with those parts of the organization that can make things happen. You need to wake up your staff and get them interested in the future of the company and its many different activities.

If you have some ideas about what you think are the best start points, I would be pleased to hear them.

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Richard Dealtry
Chairman, G-ACUA