fly fishing rodsIf we cast around during our own time in business I am sure that we can all see many changes that have taken place that affect company value.

Over the years I have observed with great interest how the corporate university has continued to evolve in many different ways. From its early beginnings it now reaches out well beyond simple ideas of human resource management, into every corner of the organization.

The corporate university is a very useful knowledge enterprise, affecting all company development practices. I am pleased to report that even further systemic new learning developments are now racing ahead. Growth in online options and social media sharing now heavily influence the style and delivery of corporate university training and CPD programmes.

We must continue to acquire the keys to new ways of creating a widespread culture of organization development. We have to discover effective management practices that will help us to become the leading agents of continuous change and development in all parts of the organization.

Learning for development through effective corporate university management is how we can all resolve the challenges that are now upon us. The future of business depends upon our actions today.

Richard Dealtry
Chairman, G-ACUA