aiming for excellenceWhile everyone is in an Olympic mood and celebrating all that is great in sport, it is worth remembering the importance of being the best in everything that we do; in time and opportunity.

When it comes to our careers, we should aim high and maximise every opportunity for self-development and career excellence.

The Corporate University offers us the chance to develop our skills in job-related fields. Companies of every size can develop their own corporate university using the G-ACUA Total Corporate Resource. This extensive corporate university package offers a unique reference source for developing top design capability for a new or reformed corporate university.

These G-ACUA corporate university toolkits and resources enable you to create and update unique programme portfolios of real-time learning and development that are essential for the company to achieve strategic growth and organizational development objectives.

You will be able to determine which programmes and projects are best resourced internally and which consultants, colleges, universities or business schools are best able to deliver the external segments at the right time if required.

You can buy this resource now through this Special Offer. So act now to get up-to-speed asap and meet the demands of this special event.

Richard Dealtry
Chairman, G-ACUA