We all know that companies constantly have to battle with competitive learning and knowledge harvesting processes that espouse high quality added value to both the learning experience and its application.

Not an easy task when we consider some of the highly dynamic factors that they have to grapple with, for example:

  • They may not have the right tools for the work or projects in hand
  • The international competitive scene may be intense and yesterday’s solutions can no longer be relied upon
  • Current strategic and practice knowledge may be out of date and rapidly degenerating
  • The marketplace demands persistent innovations in services and products
  • Different organizational units may require different approaches
  • Social networks are in many cases only just finding a culture locus in the organization
  • The quality of source knowledge for decision making may be suspect
  • Learning management systems may not be flexible enough to adapt to constantly changing training portfolios

There are many others.

competitive learning

Our empirical research indicates the need to ‘fight fire with fire’, to find realistic solution outcomes to this conflict which require dynamic real-time and integrally mobile processes. There is a greater need for the quantising of learning and development process sequences, where all learning processes match specific needs at world class standards and have the potential to optimise their effects at the point of delivery.

This isn’t happening “somewhere in a galaxy, far, far away….”. It’s here, and it’s now. A new adventurous outlook is called for, in the spirit of the founding fathers. We can’t just sit back on our laurels, we have to rethink greatness and discover new directions to stay ahead of the game.

Though it is sometimes painful to make such changes in management practice, it will be ultimately hugely rewarding and exciting with a veritable explosion of new developments to ‘win the learning wars’.

Richard Dealtry
Chairman, G-ACUA