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High-Quality Professional Management of Organic Real-Time Development Processes


Our network of human resource and strategic management practitioners have been developing and using Dynamic SWOT Analysis across a broad spectrum of applications for several years.

We’ve helped a whole range of people and organizations to move ahead, coping with the new knowledge-economy dynamics and achieving higher levels of quality performance. Through Dynamic SWOT Analysis they have become more comfortable and capable in their surroundings and have a new confidence in their judgements and decision making.

From these applications there have been countless comments about the success of Dynamic SWOT Analysis but the quote below has been repeated by many users.

“It was something of real value that we took away and could use immediately.”

Quality front-end situation analysis is important, but there is an over-riding need to project and to connect it with a real-time diagnostic phase followed by an action formulation phase. Being more intensively learning-driven, DSA has emerged as a powerful tactical and strategic development tool for individual performance improvement, effective teaming and in organization development as a whole.

The central project management theme of Dynamic SWOT Analysis is:

“The development of the right people with the right skills taking effective action in the right way at the right time.”

DSA focuses on effectively managing today’s reality of our situations. Not dream solutions or wish lists, but the determination of the best practice action through locally-focused objectivity.

Knowledge age best practice is based upon the need to drive LEARNING (L) faster than the speed of the CHANGE (C) that is constantly taking place all around us.

For success, L > (equal to or greater than) C

If we do not manage the processes of our best practice learning, i.e. if we do not achieve L > C, then our management knowledge has limited shelf-life, we get stressed, frustrated and come second! We see other people and other organizations in clear water moving seamlessly ahead.

The Age of Professionalism Not Paternalism

Change is a continuum, not a one-off event. We have to leave behind the idea that SWOT analysis is just a one-off event.

We are in the business of creating pathways of change based upon specific situation issue dynamics, often with limited resources. We ourselves have to become a continuously evolving resource of quality decision making capability. The days of the gifted amateur are gone forever and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and lifelong learning in and through the management of real-time events is the open door to leadership competencies and our future successes.

Wherever you are, wherever you go, DSA is your multi-purpose dynamic process for success in managing a wide range of competitive development activities and environments:

In business

In sport

In the arts

In many other areas of human endeavour