Dynamic SWOT Analysis is the definitive quality learning management project process for integrated organization, team and personal performance improvement

Over many years simple SWOT Analysis has achieved almost universal status and has contributed to the achievement of greater situational understandings by many managers. Too often though, people are left with the thought, “very interesting, but what do we do with it now?”

Dynamic SWOT Analysis strategically upgrades and refines the basic process and moves it forward, out of analysis paralysis and upwards through well-defined diagnostic events, to evolve high quality business projects and learning programmes.

In today’s dynamic knowledge advantage environment, managers need this strategic perspective in order to build powers of good judgement and knowledge-based leadership, essential to manage well in the robust dynamics of global businesses.

Dynamic SWOT Analysis Developer’s Guide

This guide provides the know-how to project manage the complete process every step of the way. It starts with raw shock analysis and moves through activities such as determining the metrics of pulse and threshold issues, decision analysis and prioritising attributes as a basis for taking executive action and tactical project management.

The benefits of the DSA process to managers are enormous, resulting in clear and precise situation diagnostics, in-depth understanding of new learning needs in the context of organizational development, job enrichment and the acquisition of high level transferable best practice management skills for business excellence.

The Dynamic SWOT Analysis project process enable real managers, working on real development issues and problems to realize their full potential, sharing knowledge and experience and learning from one another, in a business-led environment.

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