Dynamic SWOT Analysis

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Dynamic SWOT Analysis Contents


The aims of the Dynamic SWOT Analysis project process applications are to enable real managers, working on real development problems to be successful.

ISBN: 9780952300700
Author: Richard Dealtry
Structure: 123 pages, packed with diagrams and illustrations


First Cycle Process Application

An outline commentary and description of a 1st Run Raw Shock SWOT process application based upon case material.


Second Cycle Application

Provides a profile describing the reconstruction of a more sophisticated DSA process methodology in the search for the key issues that will drive competitive quality development tactics and strategies.


Strategic Development

Describes how the project process evolves into a Strategic Learning Development Process that is built upon a best practice leadership organization philosophy.


Design Considerations for the Developer


Design and Management of the Project Process

Deals with the overall parameters for the design and management of the action research and learning programmes, with Parts I, II and III providing the reference base.

They examine and suggest methods for the preparation of quality business-empowered learning programmes, their aims and objectives, specification, syllabus scheduling and payback assessments.

Programme resourcing policies, proposals for developing people skills and managing further strategic ideas for excellence are also included in Part Five.