Who Should Manage the DSA Project Process?


There Are Three Main Spheres of Application for Dynamic SWOT Analysis Co-creative Processes:

  • Personal Development
  • Teaming Dynamics Development
  • Strategic Focus Development

We would expect that high calibre Directors or Managers would be responsible for formulating and managing these applications.

Who should participate in the DSA Project Process?

DSA participants are those people who have a desire or need to acquire best practice in the following areas:

  • Perceive and develop awareness skills
  • Find out what we need to know for success
  • Achieve much clearer insights when reading the dynamics of situations
  • Articulate and communicate the dynamic state of situations
  • Reduce complexity and ambiguity into simple plans for action
  • Make keen judgements about the relative importance of development issues
  • Achieve higher levels of quality decision making
  • Deliver tangible results
  • Enhance the quality of inter-personal relationships and networking.
  • Effectively manage own learning needs
  • Gain widespread commitment to solutions
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