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Programme Introduction


In this programme you will learn how to shape the organizational context for the application of corporate university disciplines for high return on investment success. This dynamic management programme process enables local customisation and corporate strategic integration for better, more effective connected performance.


Strategic Corporate University Management Is An Efficient & Sustainable Vehicle Providing:

  • Programme start-up that blends with your work activities
  • A 12-week dynamic curriculum to manage new learning and knowledge for competitive capability and capacity development, linked directly to the organization’s strategic direction
  • A programme that builds the quality and value of your operational development plans, aligned with talent and career development plans
  • Highly focused outcomes with high return on investment for both the company and the participants
  • Significant organizational benefits including efficiency savings, growth and development
  • A transformational management toolkit to develop a corporate university, from exploration and design through to implementation – or carry out a comprehensive review of your current application and make recommendations for improvement
  • The G-ACUA-Accredited Executive Management Award, achieving business results through intensive project-based learning

Learning Events

Participants will be required to complete 5 real-time work packages during the 12-week duration of this programme.

Each of the work package subjects are comprehensively specified for your guidance and are supported by literature resources.  The schedule of activities is shown below:

Week Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Start-up 1 day week 1
Work package 1 – weeks 2 & 3
Work package 2 – weeks 4 & 5
Work package 3 – weeks 6 & 7
Work package 4 – weeks 8 & 9
Work package 5 – weeks 10 & 11
G-ACUA Marking of Diploma Awards – week 12

To Apply to Join the Programme

Complete the Application Form & Return It To Us