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Corporate universities are overtaking academic universities worldwide, so knowing about world class best practice and the dynamic role of the corporate university is a must-have competence for managers. Wherever you are in the world you can discover the essential strategic design and management disciplines for successful corporate university management.

Real-Time Design in Work-based Learning and Development is an effective vehicle providing:

  • A programme that blends with your work activities
  • A 5-week curriculum for competitive capability and capacity development linked directly to the organization’s strategic direction
  • A programme that builds the quality and value of your operational development plans
  • Focused outcomes with high return on investment potential
  • A transformational management toolkit for developing a corporate university, from exploration and design through to implementation
  • A G-ACUA-accredited Management Award, achieving business results through learning

About the Programme

A Dynamic Learning Process

This programme takes place in real business situations in order to meet specific real challenges. It illustrates the phases of corporate university management from concept to design and development.

Participants will be required to complete 2 real-time work packages during the 5-week programme. Both work packages are comprehensively specified for your guidance and are supported by literature resources. The schedule of activities is shown below:

Estimated Schedule of Programme Activities
Week Number 1 2 3 4 5 6
Start-up 1 day week 1
Work Package 1 – weeks 2 and 3
Work Package 2 – weeks 4 and 5
G-ACUA Marking of Diploma Awards – week 6

Programme Cost

The cost per participant is £2250 GBP for the 5-week programme. This includes tutorial support, learning materials, assessment and feedback and the G-ACUA Management Award.

A Dynamic Curriculum

The curriculum is based on the key strands of real-time corporate university management. The curriculum profile outlines all the events, timelines, study schedules, marking systems, communication networks, learning objectives and learning skills processes.

The 2 work packages will cover core aspects of real-time corporate university management.

  • Review of Organizational Situation Dynamics

  • Development of Corporate University Programme Infrastructure

The work packages will be assessed using a professional marking scheme, progressive feedback will be provided and both work packages will contribute to the final award.

To Apply To Join The Programme

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