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Meeting the Need for a Dynamic System of Performance Management


quantum management

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We are in an age when questions abound about the effectiveness of the performance of business development performance management itself. Richard Dealtry’s inspiration for this innovative process solution to this problem is in the evolution of quantum performance management processes.

Richard’s wide experience of the world of management has revealed an increasingly discursive trend in business development with it becoming a chaotic, fragmented and piecemeal management activity in many organizations. There are artificial boundaries between the hard and soft threads of development and the process has lost its essential coherence and front-line organizational activity/gravitas.

Too often management is being driven by new technology innovations and it has lost sight of the essential need for a clear, central, human energising process for its efficient and effective management.

Performance Management for New Times

The current perspective and infrastructure for development is almost that the human energising strand is somehow subsidiary to a more invisible powerful driven strand and is not the central or key driver of developmental outcomes.

In his introduction to quantum management Richard Dealtry has developed a practice-based management process that is intended to reinstate the over-riding importance and dynamic of human energised activities that this new age of business does surely need.

Inspired by the great quantum theorists such as Einstein et al, Richard has taken the scientific model of energy transition and transposed it into the context of management and business development.

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Richard Dealtry, G-ACUA Chairman