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The Blueprint is a flexible, reusable management process for the design of the real time corporate university for multi-purpose business development, with professional and sustainable outcomes.


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Learning Development Update in Corporate Learning and Development


Here is a good question for us all. How long is a piece of string? 


You may then ask: What weight does it have to carry? Is it easy to use? Will the weather rot it? How long does it have to last? Will it be used again in other areas? What is its unit strength? What will happen if it fails to cope with the demands we place on it? Who is to blame?


These are typical of the issues and demands that we face in designing a corporate university. We do not know how long a corporate university will run. We do know that what we have designed in the past is quite different to what we envisage for the future. We are in a moving scenario. We are looking for tomorrow's right answers today.
So who has the responsibility for answering these questions? Is it HR, operations, accountants, logistics. R+D specialist consultants, IT, marketing, sales? Or will the CEO keep or delegate the task?
You need a good corporate university champion with all the right skills, attributes and scope to get what is needed in a network of people who can work together. We all know that to be successful the corporate university needs the right people to undertake this work.


So what do you think about solving this scenario? I would be interested to hear from you. Contact



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