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from Richard Dealtry, G-ACUA Chairman

Productivity, Productivity and Productivity?

It is clear that potential growth in worldwide productivity is a major issue. There has been a marked slowing of growth in productivity over the last few years and the creation of more specialised organisations have not helped, as it is a discipline that in its best form knows no organisational limits.

There have been many reasons identified as causes for this problem, including advances in technology and changes in organisations. But the problem is one of semantics.

How many organisations have a productivity manager? We believe that it is in the whole organisation that advances could and should be made. Productivity is everywhere in an organisation. In production, marketing, accounting, etc., anywhere you care to look it should be of high priority.

It is becoming imperative that companies implement programmes of management and staff development. Companies who invest in the Corporate University as a primary instrument for companywide quality development see a high return in their investment in terms of increased productivity, cost saving and improved staff retention.

Smaller companies often lack the drive to implement extensive productivity-linked management training processes and are significantly less likely to provide effective training. However the Corporate University is a proven mechanism for raising productivity skill levels across all organisations. And in smaller companies, joint enterprise ventures are often the key to their success in raising productivity levels.

It is important that any productivity impact from these developments is felt across the entire organisation. The highest qualified managers cannot improve productivity alone, they need to be the ‘agents of productivity’ to ensure that the productivity advantage is spread right through all disciplines and at all levels. This will improve motivation and, in turn, stimulate that all-important growth in productivity.

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