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G-ACUA is a focal point for innovating continuing professional development in real-time corporate university and enterprise academy management


We work to assist organisations in their understanding of the full process potential of real-time corporate university and enterprise academy solutions.


Our key aim is to establish world class standards of quality assurance in real-time corporate university management processes and practices.



G-ACUA Corporate Membership


Organisations of all sizes are invited to join the global community of G-ACUA Corporate Members



Our Clients and Customers are Worldwide


Companies everywhere are facing increasingly rapid change with growing demands for highly responsive management action in high quality continuous and intensive demand-led actionable new learning.


Meeting this challenge requires new ideas and more dynamic management responses that necessitate a much higher level of real time front line executive management capabilities.


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The Corporate University Blueprint

The Ultimate Corporate University Research and Development Model


The Corporate University Blueprint is a world class business model for the design and development of the real time corporate university.


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Dynamic SWOT Analysis - Special Offer

The Developer's Guide to SWOT Analysis - Leading to Strategy Formulation


Dynamic SWOT Analysis is a project management process that leads to clean-cut, high quality decision making


Lowest Ever Price 9.95 (pdf)

(usually 39.00)


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Advice and Guidance on Developing

Your Corporate University

Professor Richard Dealtry, Executive Chairman of G-ACUA, offers a management facilitation service for planning and prioritising the strategic design of your real-time corporate university.


Contact Richard directly to discuss your strategic options.


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Observation on the Future of Education

This new observation by Richard Dealtry asks questions concerning the current changes in education, from secondary level upwards. Where will it leave our young people?  Will they be able to carve out a fulfilling career or will they be left on the shelf?


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