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G-ACUA works with organisations in
the advancement of real time corporate university learning solutions



Achieving real time new knowledge and inspired learning for everyday business success




The Importance of Deploying Systemic Management

Commentary by Richard Dealtry 24.05.2017

If we cast around during our own time in business I am sure that we can all see many changes that have taken place that affect company value.

Over the years I have observed with great interest how the corporate university has continued to evolve in many different ways. From its early beginnings it now reaches out well beyond simple ideas of human resource management, into every corner of the organisation. The corporate university is a very useful knowledge enterprise, affecting all company development practices.



Corporate University Blueprint

World class design & development architecture


Dynamic SWOT Analysis

The definitive SWOT developer's guide

A flexible, reusable toolkit for the identification of multiple strategic process management options


The Blueprint enables you to design, draft, develop and deliver your organisation's  own unique high return on investment, premium rate knowledge development platforms.

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The ultimate guide to SWOT analysis leading to successful strategy formulation


DSA extends the traditional SWOT process and leads to the design, management and delivery of clean-cut, high return on investment management development programmes.


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Management Bookshop

Books & articles for successful corporate learning


G-ACUA Membership

Quality assurance in corporate university design

A range of books and a full article series describing the concept and development of strategic learning

This comprehensive portfolio of books and articles introduces you to the concept of corporate learning and illustrates the enormous benefits a successful implementation can bring.

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Individuals and organisations are invited to join the global community of G-ACUA Members


Meet the challenges of rapid change and the growing demands of business requiring new ideas and dynamic management responses. We welcome people who have the vision to meet dynamic challenges.

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Management Workshop

Mastering corporate university design and development


Corporate University Certification

International recognition for your corporate university

Helping organizations in architecting and developing their corporate university or academy


Developing highly trained experts in the field of corporate university, with the strategic skills to build a corporate university with outstanding ROI and performance potential.


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Achieve special recognition for the Performance Management of your Corporate University or Academy.

G-ACUA International Corporate University Certification is a statement of success to show that your corporate university reaches world-class professional standards in learning and development.

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